Steroids for sale: Dianabol Side Effects to Avoid

Steroids for sale: Dianabol Side Effects to Avoid

To say the least, the world of steroids for sale can be hard to understand. Finding the information you can rely on can feel a bit like a minefield. Even more so when forums, blogs, and your gym buddy tell you all kinds of nonsense.

Even though everyone has an opinion on the subject, few people talk about how steroids can hurt your health.

You’ve probably been thinking about getting some steroids for yourself, especially since you’ve heard of Dianabol a few times (or Dbol as your mate Gary down the gym says). Dianabol is the most famous of all anabolic steroids. It’s the best steroid ever, the one that’s used the most, and the one that everyone’s talking about. Methandrostenolone is a type of testosterone that is sold under the brand name Dianabol. However, it hasn’t been available legally in the US for over two decades.

Steroids for sale: What Exactly Is A Dianabol)?

Would you believe that Dianabol and other anabolic steroids, like Anabol and Dianabol, are made of the same chemicals? Yep, it’s true.

All of these bad boys are known to help bodybuilders gain muscle quickly, burn fat quickly, and do all of these things in a short amount of time. More importantly, they are used in cycles to make other testosterone supplements or injections (basically other anabolic steroids) work better while reducing their side effects like acne, oily skin, too much estrogen, etc.

Even though Dianabol has the same chemical makeup as other methandrostenolone brands, it is thought to be one of the most popular and effective anabolic steroids out there (yes, there is no reason for this, but what can you do?).

But it’s important to remember that it has side effects. Stacking Dianabol with something else does help with this, but it won’t get rid of them completely. So, it’s important to know what you can do.

Like most other steroids for sale, Dianabol can make you feel pretty bad. Here are some that you should stay away from.

Water Absorption

I think it’s safe to say that the main goal of taking anabolic steroids is to look better. Water retention is one of the side effects of Dianabol, so you could quickly look like a water-filled mess. Not quite the look you were going for.

This is because water and subcutaneous fat build up under the skin. This makes the muscles you gained with Dianabol less defined. Doesn’t quite make sense, we know.

Hair, hair, and more hair

We’ve already said that Dianabol is related to testosterone, so it makes sense that it can make men more like men. It’s kind of like going through puberty all over again, except that instead of waiting for a few chin hairs to grow, you have to wait for… Instead, you might end up with a hairy back.

This side effect of Dianabol is a bit random, so we’re not talking about long, beautiful hair. Instead, you might grow hair in places you didn’t expect. So, if you don’t want to look like you’re wearing a hairy sweater, you should probably stay away from Dianabol.

The dreaded man boobs (moobs!)

As Dianabol is an estrogenic drug, it is common for men to grow breast tissue, which leads to the dreaded “man boobs.” This is called gynecomastia, and it can happen pretty early in your cycle. Not exactly what you had hoped for as a first impression. Depending on how your body reacts to Dianabol, it can affect either one or both breasts, so you could end up with a wonky man boob in no time.

The faster this side effect can show up, the more Dianabol you take.

Steroids for sale: Acne breaks out and the skin is oily

You’re going back to being a teen again. You might be taking Dianabol to make yourself look better, but you might want to stop. Men who take Dianabol could quickly feel like they’re in their teens again, with acne and oily skin. If you decide that you have had enough of looking like King Kong with pimples, we’re sorry to tell you that they won’t go away overnight.

After you stop taking Dianabol, it will take a while for these side effects to go away. So, you might feel like a fryer until they leave your body.

Liver damage

This is the worst effect of Dianabol, and you can’t just ignore it. Some of the pimples will go away over time, but this side effect of Dbol can cause damage that lasts for good. When oral steroids are made in a lab, they are changed in a way called “C-17 alpha alkylated.” Simply put, this means that the liver can’t break down Dianabol and turn it off. This lets the whole dose of the drug get into your bloodstream. You might think, “Wow, that’s strong!” but this strength is very dangerous. This can cause a lot of damage to the liver and, in rare cases, liver cancer.

We don’t think the risk is worth it.

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We hope this information helped you. Even though these are just a few of the scary things that can happen when men take Dianabol, there are a lot more. Dianabol is still popular because it works so well, but its strong formula can hurt your body just as much as it can make it bigger.

Don’t risk your body or your health, it’s not worth it.

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