PEG-MGF 2mg Gold – USA

PEG-MGF 2mg Gold – USA

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ACTIVE HALF-LIFE Several Minutes
 DOSAGE 500 mcg/day

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During any physical work the body produces insulin-like growth factor. It leads to the appearance of a large number of muscle cells causing muscle growth. In addition this substance helps to accelerate the healing process. One of the types of this hormone is a peptide Peg MGF. It is similar to growth hormone because of its characteristics but the main difference is that it does not affect the ligaments and cartilage condition.

An active substance MGF has a very short half-life. To increase the effectiveness of the hormone it is possible to create a kind of capsule consisting of polyethylene glycol surrounding the hormone. The human’s body does not react to polyethylene glycol and the transit time of the hormone in the organism can be increased. With this solution Peg MGF peptide has a long lasting effect allowing you to achieve your goals.

Peg MGF feedbacks show that this peptide is especially popular among young athletes. It has been proved that the peptide has less effect on elder people so it depends on the age of the athlete. Researches show that the full course allows to increase muscle size by 15%.

The effects of Peg MGF

It is recommended to buy Peg MGF when you need to:

increase the growth of muscle tissue;
reduce the number of fat cells in the body;
increase endurance and strength;
achieve an apparent muscle relief;
accelerate the recovery of muscle cells after workout or injury;
achieve detailed venous pattern;
stimulate the formation of new venous branches.

In the addition to the above points, Peg MGF improves immune forces of the body, lowers cholesterol level in blood, strengthens the nervous system, stimulates the formation of bone marrow cells, improves skin and prevents the negative impact of the increased heart stress.

Application and dosage of Peg MGF

The peptide can be administered in two ways. In first case the dosage for Peg MGF is from 100 to 200 mcg. Preparation can be administered every 2-3 days during 5 or 6 weeks. Then the pause for 3 weeks must be made. It is recommended to inject the peptide immediately after workouts. The course is repeated if necessary until the desired result is achieved.

Side effects and contraindications

Before beginning a hormone course you must carefully read the instructions for the use of Peg MGF. In rare cases there are possible some complications such as increased growth and size of limbs and prostatic hyperplasia. So peptide administration is allowed under the careful attention of experienced professionals and after consulting a doctor.




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