Melanotan II 10mg Gold-int

Melanotan II 10mg Gold-int

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ACTIVE HALF-LIFE: Several Minutes
DOSAGE: 5 mg/day

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Melanotan II analog of alpha-melanocyte stimulating hormone (a-MSH). Melanotan peptides are safe and efficacious with growing long term data. Melanotan 2 is a freeze dried peptide sealed in a sterile multi-use vial. Tanning injections of synthetic potent a-MSH allow for development of photo-protective suntans in all skin types.

Melanotan 2 Dosage

Range: 100mcg ? 1mg

Melanotan II Side Effects

Melanotan injections act on melanocytes to stimulate melanin production. Melanin is the body?s pigment responsible for a photoprotective safe tan.

Sunless tanning injections begin with the peptide sequence: His-Phe-Arg-Trp. Melanotan peptides Melanotan II binds to melanocortin receptors influencing pigmentation, inflammation, energy, appetite and sexual function. Melanotan 2 has a small protective amino acid structure that effects the melanocortin 1, 3, 4 and 5 receptors.

Melanotan 2 Peptide Hormone

Melanotan 2 is a small efficient molecule as compared to the linear original Melanotan I design after natural melanocyte stimulating hormone peptide. Melanotan is approximately 1,000 times more potent than natural a-MSH. Melanotan half life of minutes, Melanotan 2 half life ~1 hour.

Melanin skin tanning after Melanotan injection

Folks who never tan, always burn in the sun, can achieve a natural tan when using Melanotan II. For people with sun allergies/mutated receptors, synthetic melanotropin peptide supplements offer life changing opportunity. A natural tan developed over time is the best defense against cancer, to which the fair skin can now acheive. Melanotan was designed to reduce cancer rates and potentially become effective as a sunless tanning agent.

Melanotan results

Fitzpatrick skin type: Skin type I and II, the lower of the skin types on the Fitzpatrick scale are the best candidates for Melanotan.

Athletes and fitness enthusiasts use Melanotan for accelerated tanning, libido increase and appetite suppression. Melanotan 2 was dubbed the Barbie drug and has been highlighted in wired magazine. Synthetic melanocortin therapy helps attain a tan with the least amount of exposure to harmful ultraviolet radiation. Melanotan II continues to be the most effective tanning peptide sold online.

Fitzpatrick Skin Type Description
I Extremely fair skin, always burn, never tans.
II Fair skin, always burns, sometimes tans.
III Medium skin, sometimes burns, always tans.
IV Olive skin, rarely burns, always tans.
V Moderately pigmented brown skin, never burns, always tans.
VI Markedly pigmented black skin, never burns, always tans.

Peptide Hormone Therapy: Melanotan stimulates melanin, particularly low fitzpatrick types.

Disclaimer: Please pursue information regarding the usage of these products from your own research, academic journals, or the research of your in-house scientific team. Products sold for research purposes are not for human consumption. Melanotan Peptides are not known to contain filler (mannitol).

review melanotan results chart melanin density after tanning injections

Reconstituted with bacteriostatic water, Melanotan 2 research peptide remains potent and preserved. Reconstituting Melanotan 2 peptide is a necessity and will require proper due diligence for results. Nasal sprays, pre-mixed Melanotan 2, pills, oral melanotan2 are not legitimate. Enzymes will render the peptide inactive if ingested. Purchase only pure Melanotan II custom synthesis.

Melanotan Shipping: Melanotan peptides are durable and stable. Shipping in the summer not a problem for tanning melanocortins. When receiving MT-2 it is recommended to store in the refrigerator. Save money and do not pay for cold melanotan 2 shipments. Further, do not store Melanotan 2 in freezer.

Mixing Melanotan 2: 1-2ml Bacteriostatic water reconstitutes and preserves tanning peptide Melanotan best. Dilute with more volume for improved dosing accuracy (micrograms).

Dosage Calculator: Add 100 units (1ml) of water to the vial. 1ml Bacteriostatic water will minimize injection volume and simplify arithmetic. Dosing measurements are often mentioned in both milligram (mg) and microgram (mcg).
1ml syringe (U100), 1ml Bac Water to Reconstitute

Calculations for .5mg or 500mcg dose:
Step Dosage
Step 1 1ml
Step 2 10mg Melanotan II
Step 3 1ml Bacteriostatic Water
Step 4 500mcg Dose
5 units on your insulin syringe (approximately 1/20th of a U100 syringe).

Needles: 29-31 gauge X 1/2?, 1 CC (100 unit). That is a typical insulin needle used to mix as well as inject. Use needles one time only. Once your technique perfected, injections are almost painless. Smaller 1/2 and 1/3cc syringes offer greater measurement accuracy and pre-loading convenience.

Melanotan Dosage: Your first injection should be a very small dose, for example .25mg (250mcg). See how you react. Goal should be to feel nothing. Dose after dinner, before bed. Any dosing chart stating that you should take a high dose (according to your weight) is dated and potentially dangerous.

Loading dose: Load with .5-1mg once a day. People who have used doses in this range generally report getting excellent results. Don?t worry if you miss occasional days. It will not make much difference, focus on the cumulative effects. A tan generally sets in 3 days after UV rays. Dose and expose yourself gradually to UVR when tanning.

Maintenance dosing: Maintenance is taking doses less frequently than daily to avoid becoming darker than you want. Yes, that will happen. With enough UVR, you will get much darker than you have even been before. A maintenance dose can help prolong super-physiological photo-protection MT-2 delivers.

UV Radiation: Melanotan is a poor sunless tanner. UV (from sun or a tanning bed) light is necessary to develop a tan for most folks. Without it, almost nothing happens. In other words, NO UV = NO TAN. Melanotan use for a full month and with UV exposure, you (and your friends) will be astounded by how fast and how dark MT-II tanning results. Areas of skin that are typically sun-exposed in your day to day life will respond more readily to the effects of the melanotan peptides, take photo therapy serious with Melanotan II.

Melanotan 2 Weight Loss: Melanotan II peptide usage results in adipocyte lipolysis. Dose low-moderate between meals to increase fatty acid oxidation, reduce food intake, and increase energy.

Side-effects of Melanotan II

Possible short-term side effects include: nausea, appetite loss, facial flushing and increased libido. Melanotan side effects may be noticeable during the first few days of treatment but should taper off as the body desensitizes.

Do you have to inject Melanotan Peptides?

Yes. The best, most efficient method of administering Melanotan peptides are subcutaneous (subq) injection. Nasal sprays are inconsistent and inefficient at best. No detectable levels were observed following oral melanotan dosing.

Note: There are many things you will need to consider before experimenting with melanotans peptide. Cyclic analogues (Melanotan II) have a wide range of peripheral effects and systemic control is always going to pose an issue in clinical research. Needless to say, Melanotan2 is not an approved or regulated product. Melanotan is legal to buy, possess, etc.

Subcutaneous injection

When supplementing Melanotan to tan keep in mind that tanning is literally a side effect. The tanning response is, in reality, a physiological repair mechanism to UV damage of the cells (epidermis/dermis). Melanocyte stimulating hormone is not going to color your skin, it is going to make your own cells create its own tan and that in turn creates protection. If you are looking to be some bronzed beach God with perfectly uniform and specific color then you are better off to going to mystic tan. Redheads, for example, naturally produce a variant form of melanin that is yellowish-red (pheomelanin). Do not expect a brown tan on ginger skin without serious diligence.

Melanotan Dosage: Knowing your skin type is one detail which will help create a public user log. There are thousands of melanotan users worldwide who share the experience. Raise awareness and help others who want to hear success stories, complications and failures.

Am I a candidate for Melanotan?

Melanotan is best suited for the folks with skin types I & II. Prior sun damage, scars, tattoos, freckles, moles, hair color, etc are deciding factors prospective MT-2 users consider.

How should I dose Melanotan II?

Melanotan II dosage it is recommended to start out small and build up. A typical starting dose is around .25mg and max dose reaching 1mg. Desensitization happens quick, the first administration is an opportunity to dose low to avoid Melanotan 2 side effects. Same goes for bremelanotide (PT-141) dosage unfortunately.

Melanotan Instruction: There is no magic pill or formula. Instructions do not exist for research peptides. Few dermatologists are familiar with Melanotan. The skin is a large, unpredictable organ. Feel comfortable and confident with MT-II before use. Check out as many before and after photos and user logs as you can. A skin type I individual may have to commit months of dedication before dialing in their desired results, be patient and ask questions.
How much Melanotan peptide should I purchase?
Skin Type Dosage
Skin Type I 30-50mg
Skin Type II 20-30mg
Skin Type III 10mg

Should last entire summer or season.

How soon will I see Melanotan results? Change in tone after 2-3 weeks should be anticipated. If you have freckles, expect them to get darker before your actual skin color changes. Brace yourself, within days Melanotan will.

How long will my tan last? A tan developed using Melanotan 2 lasts much longer than an ordinary tan. A well-tanned person returning from a beach holiday will lose most of the tan in a month if they stop getting sun. But if they had been using Melanotan 2 and continued on maintenance after returning, they would still have most of their tan 3 months later.

The information presented on this web site is not intended to take the place of your personal physician?s advice and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.