DHB 1 Test Cyp 100mg/ml – Int

DHB 1 Test Cyp 100mg/ml – Int

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Product Overview

Dihydroboldenone Testosterone Cypionate, at times known as DHB 1 Test Cyp, has grown in popularity among bodybuilders. Bodybuilders who believe their testosterone levels may be low recently started using it. Men who are unable to create enough testosterone on their own often get prescriptions from doctors.

How does it work?

Dihydroboldenone cypionate (DHB), often referred to as 1-testosterone (1-TEST CYP), is the steroid boldenone’s 5 (5-alpha) reduced form. The 5-reductase enzyme is known to convert testosterone into DHT in humans. Boldenone has a very low binding affinity, thus this procedure doesn’t function as well with it. People with low levels of natural testosterone production are often given dihydroboldenone cypionate.

Proper Use and Dosage

The DHB steroid has a six-day half-life. Beginners often use 400–500 mg of testosterone cypionate during a 12-week dhb cycling. Three times a week—on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday—you’ll give testosterone cypionate to yourself. Once more, this is for a 12-week period. 400 mg can be replaced with 600 or 700 mg for those who have previously used testosterone cypionate. You would only take a reduced amount of testosterone cypionate, such as 200mg of human growth hormone (HGH) when mixing it with other anabolic steroids like Winstrol and Winstrol.

Benefits Of DHB 1 Test Cyp:

For its many advantages, dihydroboldenone cypionate is a popular choice among Americans who buy steroids.

  • The main benefit is that it can solve all issues brought on by low testosterone levels.
  • Additionally, it can dramatically raise your self-confidence while also enhancing your strength, endurance, and power. DHB is also very good at treating breast cancer. 

Side effects

Like other available anabolic androgenic steroids, this substance has adverse effects. 

  • Acne and water retention
  • It’s normal for women who use steroids to develop more body hair and a deeper voice
  • Too much DHT can result in organ inflammation and hair loss.

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