IGF-1-LR3 1mg

IGF-1-LR3 1mg

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Unit Size: 1mg/vial
Unit Quantity: 1 vial
Purity (HPLC): 96.35%
Molecular Weight: Conformed
Source: Recombinant Synthesis
Appearance: lyophilized White Powder
Source: Chemical Synthesis

Terms: These merchandise on the market from Spectre Lab may be used for laboratory studies functions only. Please observe the phrases designated previous shopping for from this website.

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This item: IGF-1-LR3 1mg
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Insulin like Growth Hormone, it is mediates basically the effect of a growth hormone and it stimulates the body growth systematically. nd has growth-selling consequences on nearly each cellular withinside the body, specially skeletal muscle, cartilage, bone, liver, kidney, nerve, skin, hematopoietic, and lung cells. In addition to the insulin-like consequences, IGF-1 also can alter mobile DNA synthesis. Should be used for 4-5 weeks only, daily dose is 3mg-8mg.